Exterior/Interior Visualization in Unreal Engine. We wanted to try something different from usual interior visualization in unreal engine, so we decided to take it one step further i.e Combining Exterior and Interior together. We came across so many hurdles while building this scene but it was an awesome learning experience. We are still on the learning path. The following scene is inspired by¬† – Morumbi Residence / Monica Drucker  Read More →

It was one of my friends who introduced me to unreal engine casually four to six months ago and showed me some of the interactive stuff that was next to impossible in traditional architectural workflow (Vray and 3ds max). Inspired by the demo shown by the friend I dedicated some of my time to the research and development in exploring the possibilities of unreal engine in architectural visualization.   Models: Evermotion Archinteriors, http://www.evermotion.org It was an expeditious take on the unreal engine lighting and rendering. We faced many problems while achieving photo realistic look of the scene (Realistic materials, Lighting, Scene Composition). We followed aRead More →