I really liked this free scene I found over – https://cgaward.com.ua/eng/publications/3d-modeli/free-scene-interior-3dmax-corona.html By Artist MIBS. www.mibsstudio.com https://www.behance.net/idzwan I highly recommend you visit his site for other great free stuff for rendering/material practices. So, I thought why not try to recreate this scene in Blender with same fidelity as Corona and 3ds max and hence I started experimenting with below as my final render – Kindly keep in mind that I am still in process of learning blender and there might have better approaches to material and lighting than my process.  I am providing the complete Blender file so everybody can experiment and improve upon my quality.Read More →

I am basically a complete beginner myself when it comes to Blender workflow, but fortunately I was able to learn so much on forums and YouTube that I was able to render out a decent image in reasonable time. I will try to breakdown my process of lighting a simple scene exported from 3ds Max as .FBX format and rendering it through Cycles in Blender 3D.    Below images show the imported scene in Blender (Exported on default settings of FBX from 3ds Max)– As you can see it’s rather a simple scene without any complex lighting scenario making it ideal for experimentation in Blender.Read More →

Started using Blender 2.8 in April (Of Corse due to Corona lockdown) and been fascinated by it since then. I am a 3ds Max user from past 10 years and it’s been a hell a of ride learning Blender because of it’s UI and how it manages everything. But I can assure you guys that – Blender is Awesome. It’s 100% free and found it to be more stable than 3ds Max. There are some short comings specially in modelling department (Really missed the 3ds Max’s Spline Tools) which can be somewhat neglected through change in modelling style but overall Blender’s modelling is solid. UVWRead More →