Unreal Engine exterior Night and Day Architectural Visualization

Hi friends, continuing experiments in Unreal Engine with more exterior and interior environment together. This time I tried to recreate this beautiful house exterior from project named  Wein House – http://www.archdaily.com/639084/wein-house-besonias-almeida-arquitectos. Still struggling with foliage to look realistic(Kite demo assets are so tempting). In future will be incorporating some new trees and grass with my own materials for realistic looking foliage.

I am absolutely loving using Unreal Engine as my new Arch-Viz main tool. 3ds Max/Blender with Vray seems like a turtle when comparing to sheer features and speed of Unreal Engine, for instance exterior light built only took 10:02 minutes with 9 minutes for all night renders. When I compare it to my Vray render (Single 2K Image, Yes I did recreated this in Vray and 3ds Max also) which took whooping 7 hours, 10 minute seems like a breeze.

Let me know what you all think of adopting Unreal Engine for full-time Arch-Viz creation tool?

Hoping for better results soon.

P.S – One thing I want desperately is Epic to remove 512×512 restriction on HDRI in game.(I heard there are some methods to get past it, but I am yet to wrap my head around it.)

Int04 Int03 Int02 Int01 Night01corrected Night06corrected Night02Corrected Night03corrected Night04corrected Night05corrected ExteriorCAM07 ExteriorCAM06 ExteriorCAM05 ExteriorCAM04 ExteriorCAM03 ExteriorCAM02 ExteriorCAM01




  1. Hi,
    Very interresting. I think i will use unreal engine for archiviz. Can i ask you what is your workflow?

  2. Hi Rag3d,

    Your work is fabulous.

    I too have an interest in 3 Dimensional designs. I would like to ask you how much does the Unreal engine program cost.
    Furthermore, does the program allow you to use measurement concepts which could be used for contracting out on the field.

    you can contact me through email or mobile phone# (803) 622-6280

    Thank You,


  3. Hi Rag3d,

    I am regular user of Unreal for Architectural things. Your Work looks amazing,
    Just wanted to know , whether this is real time or bakes shadows ?
    Also How much Post process volume involved in this ?
    Your Glass material is amazing , I m right now struggling with the same to achieve nice reflations. If you can share your experience on the same.

    Rohan M

  4. I have tested Unreal ightdome/HDR process extensively. HDR light dome’s don’t yes work.
    Their functionality is only there to give a subtle light tint. In reality it’s the same as plugging in an image into the ambient light, an artificial hack that only add’s light to a scene Currently, HDR/Dome doesn’t give directional shadowing or use the range of the image in any functional way.
    Resolution at the moment is meaningless, you can get exactly the same image from a 16/16 image as a 512/512

  5. Hey, HDRI in Unreal isn’t functional yet. No directional shadowing or use of the range/resolution at all.

  6. Hello, did you use static or dynamic lighting for this scene? If you used dynamic, then how did you get the internal shadows look so realistic?

    Thank you

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