Hi Friends, It’s been really long since I last updated my site. Was busy doing some insane projects which required my full attention. Nonetheless, there has been some great changes and additions in UE4, which made the lighting somewhat easy compared to previous versions. But still it’s not easy to get good looking shadows/lighting without tweaking the Lightmass. Let me know which below topics intrigues you most, will try to create a simple explanatory tutorial for the same.Read More →

Hi friends, continuing experiments in Unreal Engine with more exterior and interior environment together. This time I tried to recreate this beautiful house exterior from project named  Wein House – http://www.archdaily.com/639084/wein-house-besonias-almeida-arquitectos. Still struggling with foliage to look realistic(Kite demo assets are so tempting). In future will be incorporating some new trees and grass with my own materials for realistic looking foliage. I am absolutely loving using Unreal Engine as my new Arch-Viz main tool. 3ds Max/Blender with Vray seems like a turtle when comparing to sheer features and speed of Unreal Engine, for instance exterior light built only took 10:02 minutes with 9 minutes forRead More →