Studio Setup 2.0


  1. hi man 🙂
    waiting for amazing settings!

    thx a lot as usual

  2. Awesome !! please do write a tutorial on this like the one for the HDRI lighting 🙂


  4. wow…really like your studio lighting…can’t wait to see your settings…just amazing!!!👌👍

  5. You made a good site it very help us. You gave a great information on this topic. Thanks for sharing the best posts they amazing. I am very impressed with your site

  6. Any luck on those “Studio Setup 2.0” settings after 9 months ?

  7. hi man 🙂

    any news about this scene?

    can u share with us? 🙂

  8. Author

    I am not getting any time to polish and release the scene. But try my best to upload it the same ASAP.

  9. Hello Raghu,

    First of all congratulations for your great work, you’re extremely talented.

    Could you please release this scene just as it is ?

    We’ll learn a lot from it and we will be so grateful to you… We’ve been waiting for more than a year…

    Thank you a lot ! 🙂

  10. Hi Raghu!, Congratulation for the Studio light Setup 1.0 and 2.0. They are amazing!

    I would like you share the files, for continue my learning in this world. The link of the Studio light 1.0 is not available.

    Thank you very much!

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