Studio Setup 2.0


  1. hi man 🙂
    waiting for amazing settings!

    thx a lot as usual

  2. Awesome !! please do write a tutorial on this like the one for the HDRI lighting 🙂


  4. wow…really like your studio lighting…can’t wait to see your settings…just amazing!!!👌👍

  5. You made a good site it very help us. You gave a great information on this topic. Thanks for sharing the best posts they amazing. I am very impressed with your site

  6. Any luck on those “Studio Setup 2.0” settings after 9 months ?

  7. hi man 🙂

    any news about this scene?

    can u share with us? 🙂

  8. Author

    I am not getting any time to polish and release the scene. But try my best to upload it the same ASAP.

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