Unreal take on Classic.

Hi Friends,

It’s a nostalgic feeling, walking on memory lane. Trying here to recreate the work of my mentor Stanislav Orekhov. While shuffling  through some of the old files, I stumbled upon this scene I received during my Vray training in year 2010. Thought to give it a try in Unreal Engine for some new challenges in lighting and material recreation and I am happy with the results.



Finalrender09 Finalrender08 Finalrender07 Finalrender06 Finalrender05 Finalrender04 Finalrender03 Finalrender02 Finalrender01



  1. How many times render this scene? ITs great !

      1. Your system configuration please

  2. how imported tiny little detailed classic elements?

  3. It’s really amazing.what’s ur system specifications? ur cpu and ram?

  4. amazing work, photorealism is almost on point..Your renders have inspired me. Im keen on starting to use unreal it has so much potential.

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